Emma Breezy

Voice Actress

Shattered Heaven

Shattered Heaven Episode 8 Behind the Veil

Shattered Heaven

Shattered Heaven is an action-mecha web series that takes place on Mars, which has become stable enough to sustain life after years of exploration and terraforming. New resources have been uncovered and a race for their exploitation has begun. The year is A.R. 100, a century after humanity's run in with the threat of extinction. War rages on the Martian surface between the two allied governing nations of the world, the Trinity Alliance and the Euro-Asian Pact. Behind the scenes, tech conglomerates such as Genesis Global profit off this turmoil through their production of mechanized frames; giant robotic power suits piloted by brave men and women.

Adam Novus, an intern at Genesis Global is left desiring more from the mediocrity that had become his life. Wanting to join his brother in the Trinity Alliance to become a Frame pilot, he trains almost daily. However, when the opportunity finally presents itself, tragedy strikes and Adam finds himself abruptly whisked away into a world of deceit and death. 

Role: Karin Dolor

Showrunner: Adam Tilford

Website: http://shatteredheaven.com